Service description

Construction works

Execution of works prior to the interior furnishing itself, is in special focus of our company.

In accordance with the accepted cost estimate, after talk with the Investor, determining technology implementation and deadlines, Primat RD team performers, under the strong leadership of our graduated construction engineers, will start working.

We perform all types of construction works: construction, renovation, reconstruction, of which the most common are:

-Reinforced concrete works
-Masonry and bricklaying works
-Flooring works
-PVC flooring
-cast flooring
-Screed construction
-Dry construction
-Replacing and setting up installations
-Wiring, plumbing, ..
-Insulation works
-Thermal insulation, soundproofing and hydro insulation
-Stone works
-Installing carpentry and glass walls
-Aluminum carpentry
-PVC carpentry
-wooden carpentry


We build with all known conventional building materials in the market, we follow the technology and introduce new building materials and constantly monitor progress in the construction industry.
Our clients know that they can have full trust in us.