Furnishing archival and wardrobe spaces

Service description

When we talk about the interior design and furnishing, You will rarely think of wardrobe- storage space. Primat RD, along with all the other segments, offers wide range of systems and brands in the segment of storage and wardrobe space. In addition to the products themselves there is also a service of design - logical sorting of shelves and storage systems, of course, in accordance with the needs and possibilities of your space.

We offer you complete solutions for your storage and wardrobe spaces:

- by understanding of what You want to achieve. The first step is to analyze your business, your existing or future storage or wardrobe space and make recommendations for solutions that can reduce costs and increase productivity.
-testing of certain modules before Your investment. Our employees, in case of complex or larger space, will prepare spatial plans and simulate order of shelves for You to make perfectly clear what will You accomplish with this.

-we offer You an engineering support on which you can rely. In our rank, all products are of top-quality and so is our service. Long-lasting and meaningful.

-counseling regarding other elements of your warehouse - floors, walls, installations, toilets, stacking pallets ..

Whether you are in the process of building new "state of the art" object or the renewal and renovation of the existing one, we can help you to make informed decisions that will result in more cost-effective and efficient logistics operations.

For further information please contact us at email: arhivska@primat-rd.hrinfo@primat-rd.hr

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