Service description

The interior design is often, in the eye of visitors, perceived as a spatial experience - during their stay in some room, they are not aware that what is usually called "experience" is actually "only" a carefully thought-out design.

That is exactly the point of good interior design – to make that work invisible.

Characteristic of good interior designers is that they are not looking to make their work stand out - everything looks so simple - space that suits our needs, which affects our emotions and pleases our eyes. In reality, of course, a much broader set of skills and technical knowledge is required.

Job of interior designers is to work with architects, designers, suppliers of furniture, carpenters, locksmiths, and, of course, investors. Interior designer must have a quality education and experience. It is not necessary to further mention how important it is, to constantly invest in following trends, knowledge of art, decor, textile, natural and synthetic materials.

Monitoring of standards and laws is something which our experts devote special attention, to avoid any problems at opening businesses, catering objects or cultural establishments.

COMMERCIAL DESIGN: Our designers of business interiors make plans for public spaces and objects - public spaces, private companies or other legal persons. Offices and business establishments are common objects of our clients, but the arrangement and furnishing of schools, banks, retail stores and other public spaces is in our broader focus too. However, in most cases we focus on hotels and restaurants – how to make these types of objects functional and attractive.

Area of ​​expertise of which we are extremely proud of refers to museums and ships (ferries and catamarans). All in all, each field often requires specific knowledge on how to make the space the most efficient – for both employees and customers.

Whether Your space is commercial or private, our experts will invest all their resources, knowledge and energy to maximally adapt your space to your needs and the needs of your clients.

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