Service description

1. Service of safes, security and banking equipment

Our service department covers the entire Croatia with several authorized service partners available for You.
Servicing includes planned maintenance and emergency repair service.
For all your problems related to faulty operation and functionality of the equipment, our technical staff will be happy to assist you with repair.

Emergency interventions - we response as soon as possible, after working hours and on weekends and holidays.
For emergency cases our line is open from 0-24 hours.

Regular business hours on weekdays are from 7:30 until 15:30 hours.
Emergency telephone number is + 385 1 6593 450 or e-mail

The service of safety equipment can provide the following services:

-Service of safes with time delay
-Service of hotel safes
-Service of safety cabinets
-Service of fireproof cabinets
-Service of modular vaults
-Service of vault doors
-Service of safes (cash registers)
-Service of transfer trays
-Service of cashier safe with time delay
-Service of cashier equipment
-Service of transfer units
-Service of bill counters and money detectors
-Service of money strapping machines, stamping machines ...
-Service of mechanical locks
-Service of electronic locks
-Installation of new locks or upgrade of additional locks
-Consultation, assistance, advice and intervention by trained and licensed service personnel.

And others.

Prompt delivery of necessary basic components and supplies and installation of spare parts during the service, represent the basis for the safe and smooth operation of Your equipment.

Our service department guarantees that safe cracking will be done with the minimal damage, according to the agreement and in the shortest possible time. We are ready to return the safe to its original condition according to the agreement with the customer.

Primat RD's service team is able to offer a wide range of additional services and works for new or existing equipment. Whether it is about increasing security and functionality of your equipment (such as additional anchoring of safes and cash registers) or helping with the installation of equipment, our team is always at your service.


The service department provides regular inspection service and maintenance of the safety equipment and spare parts.

Over the years we have developed a successful periodic maintenance service of safes in hotels, large public and private companies and other large systems.

In this way, the client can be sure that his safety equipment will work properly all the time and that its contents will be protected from unwanted access.

For further information contact us at tel. + 385 1 6593 450, + 385 1 6593 444, fax + 385 1 6593 454, + 385 1 6593 490 or e-mail


If you need to assemble/disassemble warehouse, archive, or maybe you need to relocate existing equipment, but you do not know how to do this becasue of the weight and inaccessible position...

... Primat RD offers You a solution by offering services of assembly/disassembly and relocation of:

-pallet racks
-mobile pallet racks
-archive shelves
-safety equipment
-office equipment
-Other services (corrective maintenance, locksmith works, ...)

With this service, we offer a safe and quick way of performing services, and You will keep all the warranty benefits if it is a new product.

Our employees can also dis/assemble and move the safe safely, using special equipment and without unnecessary damage, so that Your values will ​​remain intact.

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